Petter Christian Grüner Sundt was a Norwegian ship owner and businessman, and the grandchild of ship owner Sigval Bergesen d.y. who funded the shipping company Bergesen.

In it's time, the shipping company Bergesen dy. ASA was  one of the world’s largest tanker shipping companies.

In 1976, together with his cousin, Morten Sig. Bergesen, Peter C.G. Sundt took charge of Bergesen shipping company after their grandfather retired for health reasons. 
The company sold in 2003 to World Wide Group, which now is the world’s largest gas tanker shipping company. This sale was the foundation for today’s Sundt AS.

Petter C.G. Sundt established Sundt AS in 1995 as a privately owned investment company and managed the company until his passing in 2007 when his children, Helene and Christian G. Sundt, inherited the company. They have carried on their father’s business strategy as well as a strong commitment to the Bergesen charitable foundation.